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My interest in photography began when I started traveling around the world. I wanted to use the camera as a "third eye", taking pictures of all the hidden things in the streets that we encounter every day but that we never pay attention to. That's how I started taking pictures of the pavement.

The "Streets" collection features a selection of photos taken since 2011 of the streets of San Francisco, New York, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. My goal is to show how everyday things can be seen in a different way — for example, that a constrained view of the pavement where lines come together can form a work of art.

On the street, you can find many lost items, but depending on how you look at it, you can also find a piece of art.

Photo of Thames
Photo of Glasgow
Photo of Manhattan
Photo of San Francisco I
Photo of Tate
Photo of San Francisco II
Photo of Castro and 18th
Photo of Castro
Photo of Berkeley
Photo of Noe Valley
Photo of Union Square
Photo of Edinburgh
Photo of Valencia St.
Photo of Pimlico
Photo of Harlem
Photo of 16th and Valencia St.
Photo of Millbank
Photo of San Francisco III
Photo of Victoria Station
Photo of Washington, D.C.